Saturday, May 7, 2011

Up to new tryx

New Casio Tryx....given a design award at 2011 CES

This is what design is....thinking and making current products better and more useful but at the same time attractive.  I believe the Casio Tryx does all of these things.  One can move and pose this camera in ways never possible before with standard point and shot compacts.  To sum up you can capture pictures at angles you never could before.  Not only this but it is a touch screen, takes video at 1080p HD....better film quality then most movies!  Check it out here:

Have a steadier hand to take plan view shots and general videos

Hang it on things to take your own photo!

It comes in white too..... yay!  (Also a special pink Nicki Minaj edition, but you know, not in to that.)

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