Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More Shakespeare Country

Anne Hathaway's cottage (not the actress, Shakespeare's wife) the family started living here in the 15th century

As mentioned before, since we live in Warwickshire, (Shakespeare's country) more touring of Shakespeare homes was on our agenda.  One thing England has is lots of green.  (Because it rains all the time!)  But it really is beautiful landscape (especially when the sun finally comes out.)  If you ever visit the area and can tour the houses it is well worth it.  As, well a tip for you all is go early!  If you arrive right when the houses open you get the house and possibly the guide (if there is one) all to yourself.  So you can learn very interesting things about Elizabethan England, for example did you know that the wealthy classes who could afford sugar would purposely let their teeth rot and become black so as to show others they could afford sugar?!  And the lower classes tried to emulate the wealthy class by putting black substances on their teeth to make them appear rotten!  How different today is!

This cottage remained in the Hathaway family for many, many generations like from the 15th century until 1846

The typical English thatched roof, the "cottage" was large with approximately 12 rooms, but no bathrooms inside, ever.

In the heart of Stratford is "Hall's Croft," this home belonged to Shakespeare's daughter and her husband, who was a wealthy doctor

 The crest seems a mix of Susanna's and her husbands....no pictures of them exist so we don't even know what they looked like

Large front door to "Hall's Croft"

The house from the 16th century is showing signs of age (imagine that) and a part of the upstairs is supported with steel beams as termites and time take their toll

Within walking distance of "Hall's croft" is the church where Shakespeare was married and is buried (a Catholic Church!)

No fold down kneeling benches but rather cushions you put on the floor

Shakespeare's tomb

The church and its cemetery have a lovely view of the Avon