Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lasagne Al Forno

Extremely long post warning!  This is the lasagne al forno recipe from my mother-in-law as taught to me by my husband.  (I have made a twist on the ragu, but it is basically the same.)  Italians do not use ricotta in their can't get around this, don't try and argue or justify they don't.  Instead a bechamel sauce is used.  This makes the lasagne creamy and out of this world good.  This was one of the first Italian dishes my husband taught me to cook for him and it is the dish we generally make for each other when one is returning home from a long international trip, as this is comfort food and makes you feel welcome. It can take a while to make, but all the effort pays off, trust me you will never want to make lasagne the "American" way again.

Beginnings of the ragu, carrots, onions and celery, let this cook down and begin bechamel

Bechamel is also similar to a roux, it consists of butter and flour like a roux but you eventually add milk

Hence the roux consistency before you add the milk

Looks lumpy but keep whisking it will smooth out

Last step add nutmeg, white pepper and salt

Back to the ragu, I add a soffrtito boullion for extra flavor, see what soffritto is here:

I use fake meat, but for you carnivores add your ground meat here instead

I use two cans of what I have, tomato sauce with whole tomatoes....whatever combo is good just break up large chunks

For your long simmer add some bay leaves

After the ragu and bechamel are finished now the fun begins, layering your lasagne al forno

First layer is lasagne pasta, then ragu then bechamel and then a layer of parmigiano

Before baking about 5 layers

After baking, creamy goodness!

Lasagne al forno (which means lasagne in the oven or baked)

I Love LA

Always looking for city guides this recent one I found in Lucky is great!  I live outside LA, but when I go I want to hit as many inspirational and interesting places because the drive in and out has to be worth the traffic!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Art of Board

Saw this awesome product at ICFF this year, but have yet to write about it.  I ordered some samples and to see them in person it is so much cooler then pictures.  So much awesomeness, let me count the ways: 1.) Fully upcycled product  2.) So many colors and graphic bits  3.) Areas of high use/patina make it more awesome  4.) Tiles come in different patterns  5.) Add more contrast/color by changing your grout color  6.) Did I mention this is a sustainable product?  I could go on....check out Art of Board's story:

For those of you like me who like to see how stuff is made....this is the backside of a tile

Sunday, August 28, 2011

More Fritter Fun

Happy with the results of my zucchini fritters, I made this corn version.  Slightly different recipe and good, but not as good as the zucchini ones, (  I would say these could accompany a main dish as one is not satisfied eating only these (which is not the case with the zucchini fritters.)

Milking the corn off the cob

Saute the corn and the cut up zucchini together

After cooking until tender place in bowl and mix with corn meal and egg

Fry up your fritters, about 3 minutes each side

Serve with creme fraiche, yogurt or sour cream

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wilder Wall

Analog Nights
Keeping with the wallpaper theme this week, presenting.....while she is definitely not new, I still fawn over her contemporary wallpaper patterns.  I have been meaning to purchase "Analog Nights" (above print) from Aimee Wilder for oh about 2 years now.  I had a small sample of the paper hanging above our desktop computer for about 6 months before I had my husband convinced I could get it, since this is technically "his" room.  Alas I will have to wait as I think we will be moving soon and I will have to probably go through the same process with him again.  Check out her masterful work and other product offerings :

How clever is she...Ikat pixel!!!

The print that started it all "Robots"