Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ghundoo Good

I spied the super fresh work of Kirath Ghundoo today.  What an inspiration!  I really love her idea of mix and match wall paper.  I have always talked about how I hate that most wallpaper patterns I love only come in 30 inch wide rolls, (which means if you want to paper an accent wall in a room you have to buy like 5 or 6 rolls which for at least $150 a roll that is quite a bit of cash for an accent wall.)  This solution not only can work as an accent strip on your wall but if you want to paper more sections later (meaning when you save more money) you can!  Or just add on strip to a coordinating color of your choice accent wall.  Her graphic patterns with beautiful color combos make me swoon!  See more of her work here: http://kirathghundoo.com/

I believe this is a picture of Ms.Ghundoo with her work

A detail shot of her work....just wonderful

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