Monday, May 23, 2011


Don't know what this plant is but I loved the little bumps on the leaves

I still have pictures I need to post from our Easter trip to Kauai, (hopefully you are not bored of this trip yet!)  The flowers and plants we saw were absolutely stunning, the colors were the most vivid from any  I have ever seen.  (And living in California we do have beautiful plants but really they don't compare to this.)  Here is just a tiny taste of the colors and textures of flowers from Kauai.

Classic Hawaii flower

Flowers from farmers market

Flowers from the hotel that they were about to replace with new arrangements.  Look closely at the claw like flower in the front it has flock like "fur"....crazy beautiful!

Same hotel arrangement, look at the stamen of the flower in the lower front it has a gradation from pink to light yellow....nature is absolutely amazing.

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  1. I got a WOW this time when I looked at Americanina! Love the lead page... Some of the flowers are similar to those we had in Indonesia.