Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pecans + chocolate = good

Yes it is practically summer, and yes I made this pie.  Really I wanted to test my hand at crust making and I had some chocolate chips and pecans calling to be eaten in the pantry so thus here is my pecan pie documentation.  The pie crust was actually super easy so those scared as I was have no fear the food processor is very much your friend in this situation.  The recipe I followed for this slight riff on classic pecan pie (note the edition of chocolate chips,) is from Emeril LaGasse.  Eating this reminds me of living in the south and of course Thanksgiving.

Pie crust dough after I chilled in fridge for about 30 minutes

After rolling out chilled dough and placing on my pie plate

Not yet formed onto pie plate

Put pecans and chocolate chips in bottom of pie crust, you will add wet ingredients in the next step

Eggs, Karo syrup, vanilla etc.

Wet ingredients combined

Wet ingredients on top of dry....ready for baking!

Hot out of the oven pie

Gooey, chewy, sweet, crunchy with buttery, flakey crust

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