Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ohhhh Domino

March 2006 Domino article

 I absolutely adored Domino magazine and have kept every issue I ever received and was a subscriber from the very first issue.  I will never understand why the magazine just stopped production, because everyone I ever mention it to always feels the same, they loved it and wish it had never stopped being produced.  Well, I have been flipping through them lately and feel the content is still fresh and applicable even years later.  So I will be posting throwbacks every now and again as maybe not every one out there who loved this magazine too was as OCD as me and kept all their back issues!

I love marble, not to mention Carrera marble is mined from the mountains that I can see from my
mother in laws house.

I like the whimsy of the Moorish style tiles
I dig putting artwork in your kitchen.....I guess I feel like my husband and I would ruin it
if we did that.... with all the sauce spatters everywhere, etc.

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