Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tofu try

Firm tofu....better then you think

So at Trader Joe's the other night I picked up a few ingredients that when thrown together make a tasty vegan meal: firm tofu, pre-cut veggies, pineapple and Soyaki sauce.  Very quick and simple, but also tasty and healthy.  (My husband would not even try this, but I quite enjoyed it.)  This was my first time cooking tofu, but it ended up tasting just like the marinade.  I always prefer firm tofu to soft as I have a big texture issue with food.

Marinate the cubed tofu in the soyaki for 30 to 60 minutes (the longer the more flavorful the tofu)

I purchased pre cut mixed veggies because simply they were already cut, saved a lot of time

Saute until the veggies ten minutes or so

Add marinated tofu and additional soyaki sauce and cut up pineapple

Serve on white rice

Sweet and salty, crisp and soft

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