Friday, May 27, 2011


I absolutely love Fresh products.  I started using them about 6 years ago starting with the hair products.  They just smell so wonderful, you feel like you are at a spa (even if you are stuck in your tiny apartment with road construction going on outside your window!)  I saw this small spread in the June issue of Marie Claire (have I said before I like this magazine...well I do.)  Anyways it features one of the co-founders of Fresh products, Alina Roythberg and her bathroom (obviously filled with Fresh products.)  But it is interesting on the second page she recommends some other beauty products....will be sure to check out her recommendations.

I about cried when they discontinued the "Soda" shampoo but this and the "Soy" work well too

I have friends who swear by this lip scrub

Not my current Fresh fragrance (am using the Love and Eat from the Eat, Pray, Love collection) but very good

These little babies are great for gifts

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