Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kayo Korea

I saw this great article in again, the Delta Sky Magazine...who knew?  I ripped it out immediately because I wanted to blog and comment about it.  As many of you know I have been to Korea way too many times so I know a few of the places the article mentions.  One recommendation is for the Foodie.  I love food and consider myself to have an "open palette."  However, the food in Korea is not for the weak.  It can be very spicy, challenging to eat (literally) and sometimes too different for me to consider trying.  (Not to say I have not had good meals there, but they were mostly in Seoul thus a kind of western-Korean mix fusion.  And I must give props to all the bakeries as they produce not too sweet bits of beauty for the eye and palette.)  But for design and shopping well that is a totally different matter.  Korea has really great shopping, period.  And I am constantly delighted by product designers who hail from Korea, they always have clever affordable solutions for everyday problems, objects, etc.  As well as fashion designers who are making clothing with great cuts that are sexy but not trashy.....Hello Donatella not all clothes have to show 75% skin to be sexy!

  The article mentions Doota, a kind of shopping mall, well this place stays open 24/7 so if you want to shop all night you literally can.  You used to be able to bargain for items in Doota, but I am not sure you can anymore.  The Take Urban lunch spot is also good.  The building is really beautiful and every time I see it I always take a second look.  And there are other lovely buildings here too, the first that come to mind are Phillp Lim's flagship (all white) and Ann Demeulemeester's grass covered store, but there are many more.  If you are interested in Korea check out this travel and culture blog : http://discoveringkorea.com/

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