Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Italian design

This post is for my husband, who is Italian.  (And not just one of those first or second generation Italian Americans with the gold chains [you know what I mean,]) he was born and raised in a little seaside town in Tuscany, Marina di Massa.  He is always telling me that because he is Italian by virtue of birth there are things that are in his blood, food and design are two of these things.  (Did I mention my husband is a designer, as am I which makes for lively conversations and debates as he tries to win all the time with the phrase "I am Italian therefore I know.")  Don't get me wrong a part of me agrees with this arrogant way of thinking, it can just be frustrating sometimes.  
I read this article from the June issue of Dwell and thought it gave a tiny taste of just what my husband is always trying to explain to me.  Enjoy!

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