Saturday, May 7, 2011

Island coffee

Another excursion we took while visiting Kauai was to the coffee farm.  (Coffee now grows on what once was a sugar cane farm.  I guess Hawaii's main export was for a while sugar, note the name C & H sugar [which stands for California and Hawaii sugar...never knew!] )  So we had no idea what to expect but were pleasantly surprised to see it was similar to a wine tasting operation.  Lots of coffee pots were set up and one simply helped themselves to the brews that sounded interesting to them.  However, it was a bit hot and drinking lots of hot coffee outside was a bit exhausting, but overall a not to miss experience as it was great to see how coffee beans grow and are processed not to mention the beautiful ocean view you can see from a stroll in the coffee fields.

A green coffee bean pod, the bean we are familiar with is actually inside this shell, which will turn white and red
when it is time to harvest.  (This farms only harvests once a year.)
Fields of coffee
After initial harvest and processing, beans are placed here to dry, before the next steps

I liked all the flavored coffees, like "Island coconut caramel crunch."  My husband only tried the two strongest beans as he likes espresso period.  According to my mother in law one can wash their feet with American (long brew) coffee.

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