Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Small cars

Fiat 500

Driving around recently I have seen new small cars (new to the US at least) on the road and get such a kick out of it.  The Fiat 500 is so cute and it stands out on our roads as it is relatively small compared to most other vehicles.  I have even seen a Fiat dealership down the road from where I live and it just makes me smile.  I am a big fan of small.  As well, I am a big fan of offering options and choice even for small cars as not everyone who wants to drive a small car is a young person on a budget.  I think more and more consumers will be asking for near-luxury content in smaller packages.  In addition to the Fiat 500 here are some other cars that to me are small, new and notable. Images from Netcarshow

Fiat 500 has so many colors and combos, such a breathe of fresh air from standard silver paint and beige interiors from most manufacturers of small cars offered in North America

One of Fiat 500 interiors, something an most automakers would never offer because the white color steering wheel could get dirty!  OMG!  I guess no one ever washes cars....

Fiat 500 thumbnail sketches

Scion IQ (which is sold in Europe as the Toyota IQ)  I guess Americans would not buy a Toyota this small?  Silly.

Scion IQ plan view....the most dramatic view

Scion IQ interior, I like the seat cloth....fun

The new Kia Rio 5 door (the 3 door is better looking but North America will not be able to buy the 3 door...why I don't know.  I guess again manufacturers assume Americans don't want choice.  I am very partial to this car as it is one of my husbands' designs.  Nonetheless it is a great design regardless of who designed it.  (But I have to say it is a little devil...just like him.)

Kia Rio 5 door rear

Kia Rio 5 door interior....I like that it feels airy due to the light colors on the ip, seats and a pillars into the headliner

Kia Rio sketch image from Kiabuzz.com

Smart fortwo and Smart fortwo convertible

Smart fortwo interior, this ip is wrapped with fabric....really fresh even now that the design is four years old

Smart sketch

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