Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pepperoni Pesto

I always enjoy a good pesto!  So I tried my hand at a bell pepper (pepperoni in Italian...I know can be confusing,) pesto.  The main components are bell peppers and almonds with some pine nuts and olive oil thrown in there.  This was very easy to whip up (after I roasted the peppers) and makes a lot so you can use the extra on bruschetta or as a dip or maybe as a sauce on veggies...lots of good stuff.

Roasting the bell pepper on the gas stove flame, but you can also do this in your oven, but it takes longer

Cover the peppers tightly with saran wrap for about 15 minutes

Dice up some shallot

Note: buy pre-sliced almonds as my pesto turned out not smooth enough and I think it is because I started with whole almonds

After the peppers sit for 15 minutes rub the black skin off with your fingers...don't rinse them under water

After processing....if you use two red bell peppers the color is more what you are used to seeing as opposed to this ochre kind of color I got from a yellow and orange pepper

Next time I will add less almonds and a bit of tomato pasted as I felt the pesto overall was too sweet and I tasted more nut then pepper, but overall still good

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