Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cherry lemonade

I recently made homemade cherry lemonade.  I won't lie that it was a lot of work for a drink, but if you are serving guests, totally worth your time.  Also it is a drink that you can serve as is to kids but for the adults add a bit of vodka to spice it up!

After pitting the cherries

Mix 3 cups cherries with water and sugar....simmer for about 30 minutes

About 15 minutes into cooking

After 30 minutes the juice has a consistency of syrup

Strain the cherries through a fine sieve

Squeeze about 8-9 lemons to get about 1.5 cups of juice

Mix the cherry juice and lemon juice with club soda, super-fine sugar and ice

My husband laughed at my straws but hey the faster you can drink that faster you chill especially if you add some vodka!

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