Monday, July 4, 2011

Fall for J.Crew

One of my favorite looks, love the color of the crop pants and the plush beige of the structured but casual jacket

J.Crew has released their fall look book.  (I know....we just started summer, but early fall dressing is one of my favorite times as you still have some of the colors from summer bleeding into pieces and one is generally tan and more fit from the summer so everything you try on looks great!)  Love the shoes and material combinations but I am noticing that J.Crew is offering a larger handbag selection now.  Not completely sold on them yet, need to see them in person.  But if the quality and design are comparable to the shoes then I am sure I will like.  (Which would be bad as my husband already refers to this brand as "J.Screw" as I spend too much money here.)

Dig the skirt I am never one for mini's (even if I had legs for them)

Love the booties and the juxtaposition of the beige dress with the bright orange shirt

High waisted pants look chic and easy to wear

Not sure if the silhouette is super flattering on normal people, but love the shoe color against the soft oranges of the clothing

OMG!  Want these pants!

Why does the model look so pissed?  Maybe because of the fedora hat?

Trench reinvented as flare skirt/dress it!

Dress will be MINE!

Not sure normal gals can pull off horizontal stripe skinny pants....but they are cute on the model

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