Monday, July 11, 2011

Oh Milly My!

One of my favorite looks

Was recently looking for maxi length dresses and came upon  Really cute stuff!  I like how it has a 60's vibe, (colors, patterns and beautiful coats) but is still modern.  I don't feel women really dress up anymore.  What happened to the days of wearing coats, gloves and hats?  This comes on the heels of my finishing the mini-series "The Kennedys."  While some of the acting wasn't too great, the fashion surely was.  But back to Milly, I also like the clothing looks wearable by real women (meaning it doesn't just look good on tall, lithe models.)  This is her Spring 2011 collection.  I checked out her Fall 2011 collection and it is good, but not as inspiring as the Spring collection, in my humble opinion.

Love the bright, in your face patterns, unabashedly feminine too

Bright graphics on the airy skirt...great combination

See what I mean by her coats?

I really like this maxi dress, but the necklace is covering it up too much!

Another great coat!

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