Friday, July 15, 2011

Din Tai Fung

Numerous people all making dumplings

While visiting my sister in Seattle, WA she took me to this dumpling place called, Din Tai Fung.  I liked the idea, but couldn't eat a lot of the dumplings as everything seemed to contain pork.  In fact the best dumplings our server recommended were a shrimp and pork combination....and no they didn't have just plain shrimp dumplings.  (But my mom and sister said the shrimp + pork were excellent.)  Another aspect of this place I really liked were some of the statements they made in the menu about their business.  To quote "we strive to take the customers decision as our final decision," really powerful stuff.  I guess this statement to me is something that goes much deeper then just a Chinese dumpling eatery.  I think if more companies had this credo American business in general would't be in the toilet...but that discussion topic could fill a whole book much less a one paragraph blog posting.

Crispy green beans, tasty!

These were the shrimp and pork dumplings everyone raved about

You prepared your dumpling sauce with the fresh ginger they provided

An order of steamed veggie dumplings

An order of steamed chicken dumplings....okay but the meat seemed a bit dryish

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