Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Shoes...Sweet Emotion

I am coveting these for the fall, a classic heel in an modern color

Ahhh....shoes....what passion they bring.  I pine away and cry for them, I care for them...I spend my paycheck for them!  Because I am so particular about shoes it takes a while for me to find a pair I want to spend both time in walking and possibly building a wardrobe around, but in the the last year and a half or so I have become addicted to JCrew shoes.  Yes, on the surface their shoes seem somewhat overpriced and not always extremely special...but once you wear them you can't stop, I swear.  The materials and design are the best.  It is the subtleties in the design that makes them.  For instance the hidden platform in the suede booties I bought last fall....so the shoes seem edgey and somewhat demure at the same time.  I definitely like a heel (make me feel thinner) but I am not going to wear stilettos to work.  JCrew shoes are both fashionable and work appropriate.  And don't forget most are made in Italy.  Also for the more unique styles a good tip is to always check back on the website as most of the shoes eventually go on sale.  So you can eventually get what was a $250 pair of shoes for like $90 if you are lucky!

These were the booties I mentioned with the hidden platform

These are now on sale....will get them if the price goes down further

I purchased these about a month ago and wear them all the time!  If they continue to drop in price I will buy the black color too

I think these will look better on, then in the picture also depends what you wear with them

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