Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dolce vino

Our cache from Paso

A quick rundown of some of the wineries we visited on our recent trip to Paso Robles.  Since we went in May, the grapes are just beginning to grow.  (I will have to post our visit last September where the grapes were plump and juicy; ready to be picked.)  Paso Robles is a great area to wine taste as there are more then 200 vineyards, most places have a good wine to taste and you don't feel too overwhelmed with the jargon and/or people.  We have tasted in Italy, (which was weird because unless you work for the vineyard they don't really offer tastings....but that is another story) Los Olivos, Santa Barbara area, Placerville, Temecula (which some might laugh at, but hey it is in our backyard) and of course Napa Valley.  I loved really every place, but was overwhelmed with Napa Valley and felt like I didn't know enough about wine to enjoy myself.  But I think we should go again to see if I feel the same the second time around.  Anyways the point being that the Paso Robles area makes all feel welcomed!  My cousin who actually makes wine always tells me that really "knowing" about wine is really about knowing what you like.  

Our favorite winery in Paso, Denner (we are members of their wine club)

Entrance to Denner tasting room and vineyard

Denner wine club tasting area

A new winery for us, Oso Libre

Nothing to do with wine, but saw this artichoke bush at Oso Libre...I had never seen how they grow until now!

Oso Libre really had  beautiful vistas on their property

Grapes just starting to bud

New and modern, Niner vineyard

The tasting room was really impressive

Loved the cork tasting menu!

Was it too much wine or did I really see a heart shaped grove of trees?

Playing in the Niner vineyard with Luna
Picked up these preserves at Denner, good but a bit too sweet for my taste

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