Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Duffy Ride

For the Fourth of July we decided to rent a Duffy boat.  A Duffy is a small electric boat that is good to get around the small waterways around Balboa Island and the Newport peninsula.  When we used to live in Newport Beach we would rent Duffy boats a lot to have lunch or dinner on the boat, and of course some drinks or wine.  (These little boats are great as you can fit 8-12 people on board and have a relaxing cruise.)  This time was different as we took our little dog with us, we didn't know how she would like the boat, but we were pleasantly surprised she did!  

The ferry we took from Balboa island to get to the boat rental

Riding the ferry

Luna on the Duffy boat

One of my favorite boats and houses 

Lots of dogs on the water!

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