Saturday, July 30, 2011

Maxim Mocha Gold

Maxim coffee, a Korean product that says so much.  I was first introduced to this instant coffee in late 2004, (my first trip to Korea.)  While I did not warm up to it at first, I have since come to really like it.  Basically it is instant coffee, cream and sugar all in one very convienent package.  In Korea one does not add a lot of water to the mixture, a little more then half a cup or like a cup for the water cooler size.  (Obviously one should mix with hot water.)  But if you like a longer and weaker coffee add more water. Basically it tastes like a mocha coffee and it is a very quick way to have a pick me up.  (And in Korea having things quickly is very important.)  I discovered I could purchase this product at my local Korean grocery store, Zion market, (where by the way there is also a very small "The Face Shop" inside.)  I bought 100 packets for like $14.  Compare that to the time and money you spend at Starbucks!

Small ceramic cup I use to mix my Maxim in (cup also from Korea...very cute)

What the coffee mixture looks like before adding water

After adding hot water

After stirring....enjoy!

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