Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mini tart

I tried this mini tart recipe from Martha Stewart and I have to be honest....I did not like it.  My husband liked it, but I felt the crust overpowered the fruit filling.  (I also felt technique wise I should have rolled out the pie crust slightly thinner in order to have a flakier more delicate crust and also that could have helped the whole crust to fruit filling ratio.)  Anyways this is definitely a case of eating with your eyes as I thought they looked better then they tasted.  But this is what cooking/baking is all about....learning, right? not be afraid...this is what makes things taste good!

Mixing butter with flour for dough

Add sugar to diced pears and cook

Simmering pears

Mix in fresh raspberries after cooking pears

I used a biscuit cutter to cut out my dough

A heaping teaspoon of filling and egg washed edges....I wouldn't do the egg wash next time either as I felt it tasted too "eggy" or I would use egg whites instead of yolks and cream

Before baking, I sprinkled with turbinado sugar for texture

Like a bunch of homemade poptarts, but round and not square....hmmm

Finished product, cute but not extremely tasty

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