Friday, April 29, 2011

They love to fly

Conde Nast Travler May issue article

Great information on new airline seat configuration in my latest Conde Nast Travler (which I get free from Delta Airlines for being a Diamond Medallion member...see what happens when you fly all the time!)  Anyway, since I do fly all the time, I am extremely happy that one airline is finally giving attention to the economy class.  When I look in detail at the changes Air New Zealand will be making to their really doesn't take a lot of changes to make seating a whole lot better!  Attention other airlines...please note!  Especially all the American based carriers...sorry but you definitely need to pick up your game, old planes, cranky hosts/hostesses and all your extra charges are driving customers like me away!  (I did not post the full article, only the pictures, cause I like pictures.)

Rendering of new Air New Zealand seats

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