Saturday, April 2, 2011

Praise for The Face Shop

With all my trips to Korea I have discovered the vast cosemtics market.  One of my favorite shops is The Face Shop.  I always stop there at the Seoul airport before going home.  (A lot of my Korean friends and colleagues say it is an inexpensive brand, but nontheless I still like it.)  Two of my all time favorite products from this store are pictured here.  One is a rice grain powder that you add a bit of water to make a paste and it acts as a scrub.  Not to harsh, but just enough to make my skin look bright.  The other is an eye patch.  You apply the patches to your under eye area and leave on for about 20 minutes.  When I take them off my under eye magically looks supple and smooth.  I used them everyday for 2 weeks prior to my wedding last summer and loved the result. 

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