Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pasta with clams

Fresh clams soaking in order to get all the grit out 

My husband loves clams and mussels (they are pretty much the only protein he eats other then eggs as he doesn't eat any meat or fish.)  I am not as big a fan as him, but will eat my mother in laws stuffed mussels...which we will have to feature here one day.  So this is his dish he made it and I watched and documented it.  Normally this dish calls for a long pasta like linguine, but one of his favorite pastas is penne so there you go.

Olive oil plus garlic plus parsley plus the amazing tomato paste

Cirio tomato paste straight from Italia....I have never seen this here and boy does it make a difference in your cooking

Add some of the clam juice (make sure you filter the water)

Cook for a few minutes (clams will open, but in this case we cooked the clams in a separate pot to open them to make sure they were extra clean)

Also add some white this point they are ready for pasta

Add slightly uncooked pasta to sauce....cook together for a couple of minutes, this will add flavor to the pasta and finish cooking it so it is a perfect al dente

Final dish...sprinkle a little extra parsley


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