Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Zuppa di pesce

Fresh veggies to use in soup stock

A quick and very flavorful soup recipe again from Giada but I have altered it slightly.  (I really like to reference her recipes because they are what I call modern Italian, lighter then the meals I eat at my mother in laws' but still preserving flavor combinations that are true to Italian cooking.  My husband would argue this point for sure as he thinks some of her dishes are too American feeling, but hey I am American so I like it.  Besides he doesn't eat this soup since he doesn't eat fish!)  This soup is great in the fall and winter but recently we have had some cold nights and so I was craving this dish.

Another flavor bouillon from Italy, Aglio and prezzemolo (garlic and parsley)

This little cube packs a flavor punch!  We add it too veggies we saute in olive oil, it is really a great add in, again I purchase mine in Italy, but you might find a source for it online or maybe your local Italian grocery could order it for you.

A must have tool in your kitchen the mandoline....I cut all my veggies in like 2 minutes and they are all the same exact size and plus I could never slice this thin by Italian mother in law uses this tool all the time.

Saute the sliced veggies in olive oil with the aglio and prezzemolo cube

After the veggies cook for about 10 minutes add 6 cups water....use filtered water if you can since this is a soup

I used red snapper for this soup, but I have tried catfish and other white fish and they work well too

Add fish to stock, cook about 7 minutes

After fish is cooked....ready to serve

Serve with parsley pesto

To make the parsley pesto just take about half a bunch of fresh parsley put in food processor add 1 tablespoon red wine vinegar, black pepper little and olive oil.....I can't tell you how much olive oil because I just add until it looks right....I know this means nothing to you, but looking right means the mixture looks like pesto, liquid but with bulk from the parsley.....well just go to the following link:

You could add olive oil on top to serve, but as you can see my stock already has quite a bit....enjoy!

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