Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Skincare superpower

Missha BB cream- really light coverage....Missha has many others, but thus far I have only tried this one

I recently read an article from the May 2011 issue of Marie Claire (love that magazine!) on skincare and makeup from Korea.  You can read the one pager here below.  I totally agree that Korea is much more advanced regarding skincare then the US as well they have really tapped into a niche market, where the US really only has big name department store brands all offering really the same products.  I love discovering new affordable products that stores like The Face Shop, Etude House and Missha offer.  Since the article specifically sites BB Cream (the rage in Korea) I thought I would share the two BB creams I recently came home with.....

Etude House BB cream...more coverage then Missha and has a slight sheen which I like!

Article from Marie Claire May 2011 issue

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