Saturday, April 16, 2011

No meat chicken

Quorn un-chicken pieces

My husband is a vegetarian, I do not eat beef or pork, so I have learned to be creative so we are not always eating beans or pasta!  I really enjoy meatless products from Boca, Morning Star Farms and Quorn to name a few.  They are lower in fat then eating real meat and contain good things like soy.  So I don't feel guilty eating sausage patties for breakfast.  I still eat fish and chicken, but since I can't share these meals with my husband I have found this alternative from Quorn that is really, really good.  Seriously I can't tell the difference from real chicken.  I have adapted this quick stir fry from Martha Stewart's "Everyday Food."  It is quick, easy and tasty.  A lot of flavor with not a lot of effort.

Not-chicken before cooked through with two bell peppers, cook about 10 minutes to soften (I only cook with olive oil, even for asian inspired dishes)

Must have tool, garlic press in this dish I use it to mince the ginger also

Another must have tool, I don't know the exact name but if you chop a lot it is worth it

After cooking 10 minutes, see the not chicken looks and cooks just like the real thing

Ingredients for the stir fry sauce : 1/4 cup sugar, vinegar, soy sauce and 1 tablespoon cornstarch, whisk together

After sauce was added and cooked for 2-3 minutes

Finishing salt

No salt is called for in this recipe because the garlic, ginger, sauce and green onion (which I did not add) give flavor.  But I added Maldon sea salt flakes at the finish of the dish.  (This is a finishing salt not one to really add while cooking.)  You can put this on any dish in the end and in my opinion it makes everything more pronounced.  You can find this at Williams Sonoma or order it from

Finished dish, serve over rice

Fast stir fry even picky Italians will eat!

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