Thursday, April 28, 2011

The devil is in the details

Renault Captur the combination of satin and glossy paint 

When reviewing images from the 2011 Geneva auto show, it dawned upon me that there was a lot of details that were just beautiful on their own merit...independent of the vehicle as a whole.  So here I have posted not the total product, but the lovely little bits and pieces....enjoy!

Renault Captur Concept.....interior areas and seats were comprised of bungee cords...sweet!

Bertone Jaguar B99 Concept, pixelated bit in the grill surround....a bit of fun

Renault DeZir Concept...not originally unveiled at Geneva, but I just love the bumps!

Renault DeZir Concept body side with my favorite bumps...yay!

Alfa Romeo 4C Concept, absolultely stunning looks like velvet!

Infinity Etherea Concept... I like how the lighting gives color to the white exterior plus the headlamp that looks like a woman's sultry eye

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