Sunday, April 17, 2011

Watch me

Tag Heuer Monaco (image from

I have recently become a watch freak.  I never donned a watch for 30 years and now I feel I must have one on before I leave the house.  Not only is it great because I always know what time it is, it is like a beautiful piece of bling and it can be quite a statement depending on the design, brand name and size.  I am really into wearing men's watches as the faces are always bigger and thus makes me feel slimmer in some way.  Plus to me for a watch bigger is better, but I make an exception for the Hermes and Cartier styles I show here.  These are just classics so they had to make the list.

Panerai Luminor (image from

Bell and Ross 03-92 Phantom (image from

Bell and Ross 03-92 Carbon (image from

Bell and Ross 03-92 Blue (image from

Bell and Ross Quartz White Ceramic Phantom (image from

Bell and Ross Mecanique Pink Gold (image from

So now that we have established I like Bell and Ross watches, you might wonder if I like anything else or any watches for women.  Well yes I do!

Classic Cartier Tank

Hermes Cape Cod (image from

And yes, I do like watches that are affordable and fun.  I don't show all the amazing colors and styles Nooka and Nixon offer but there are many, many more.  Nooka makes unisex watches, while Nixon makes styles for both sexes, but I don't really like any of the women's offerings, so I just stick with the mens.

Nixon "The Chronicle SS" (image from

Nooka Zirc (image from

Nooka Zub Zot (image from

One last note, every stereotype you have heard about designers and watches is true!

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