Sunday, June 12, 2011


Paper was the main trend I took away from ICFF.  Things made out of paper were endless, things that maybe should not be made out of paper like!  Here are some shots from the Molo group from the show and their website.  Basically Molo is making furniture and lighting out of thick paper.  The set up is simple the paper is folded up accoridion style in thick blocks.  The two edges of the blocks have strong magnets to keep the object spread out and functioning.  Maybe this is not the best description, so just check out the photos below.  These products are great for non permanent solutions to more seating or pop up type events, but as you can see they can get nicked, but nonetheless quite a genius idea.  Paper, who knew?

Seats at the Molo booth at ICFF, some damage to the tops where people with stuff in their back pockets obviously sat

This is how the furniture gets put together and can be stored in these compact "blocks"

Shot from outside their booth, quite an impressive display

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