Saturday, June 18, 2011


Sample of our invitation and thank you cards, (I hand screen printed the thank you's, a super fun project)

Yesterday was my first wedding anniversary.  I so wish I was where I was last year now!  As you might know and/or have guessed my husband is from Italy and that is where we were married.  In a tiny seaside town in Tuscany.  I know this post is shamefully personal but there are travel, food and design elements throughout.  Enjoy and Auguri to me!

Confetti (these are given out in the bomboniere [Italian for favor] ) you must give 5 pieces.

The accent color in our wedding was orange.  We had trouble agreeing at first on the color, but we took the advise on selecting a color that we used in our apartment in a picture, decoration etc.  We had picked out an orange KitchenAid mixer and this was really the only color in our apartment so thus the choice was made.

Planning for my wedding is how I really fell in love with Etsy.  I had two ring bearer bowls and small ornaments made from an Etsy store, Paloma's Nest.  Super friendly and professional to work with.

A view of the ceremony from the back of the church, this was the church my husband grew up attending

Instead of throwing long grain rice our guests threw arborio rice (used for making risotto)  at us!

Our wedding meal with our guests is one of the most memorable meals I have had

Amor vincit omnia 06.17.11

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