Saturday, June 11, 2011

Makeup your mind

I recently purchased the book "Makeup Your Mind" by Francois Nars.  NARS is one of my favorite make-up brands, so I thought the book with tips from the creator would be a great teaching tool.  The book does not have a lot of writing, but the writing it does have is hard to get through to find the meat of what the writer wants to say.  But thankfully the book is heavy on photos.  Basically you see all the models shot in the same direct front view in a before and after photo.  In between the before and after photo there is a page that is transparent that has all the black text and dotted lines indicating where the makeup was placed and what product was used.  Very nicely done.  Here are a few makeup styles from the book I like.  (And FYI he also featured some men wearing makeup too.)

I really love her green shadow, unfortunately it would not look the same on me!

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