Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fresh pea bruschetta

I have seen this recipe in my most recent Giada book for a while and wanted to try it.  Yes, it seemed really pretty but was it tasty?  Well I have to say I am really impressed that it is both a beautiful looking and very fresh tasting dish and very simple to prepare.  Definitely add this to your list of appetizers that will both impress guests and be a snap to whip up.

Grill or toast up some bread, always drizzle with olive oil

Very simple ingredients, bag of frozen peas (organic is always better), grated parmigiano, garlic and salt+pepper

Puree ingredients and slowly add the olive oil while processing

The original calls for cut in half cherry tomatoes but I didn't have those on hand, so diced up big one works too.
Also note to you: the two most recent knife acquisitions for my house have been from the Shun Kaji series....absolutely
the best, better then any German knife out there.

Finished appetizer....looks good and tastes extremely fresh

This recipe makes a lot of pea pesto, so with the leftovers I threw it into boiled new potatoes or you could try it with a
fresh pasta!

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