Saturday, June 4, 2011

Chelsea Market

Another place that was a must stop while in New York City was The Chelsea Market.  The market is now in what was large bakery manufacturing facility, The National Biscuit Company which baked numerous different products from crackers to oreos.  The building teems with history and the food products and eateries are all fabulous in their own way.  Here are a few snapshots from my last visit, however taking great pictures was not really my focus as was eating and purchasing foods to take home.

These candies were at a little cheese shop called Lucy's Whey, got a really good grilled cheese there too which you will see below

Cool little shop to get flavored and unique salts and olive oils

My grilled cheese as mentioned above from Lucy's Whey and lobster bisque from the seafood shop, delicious

A great Italian product shop, (a bit expensive) but for those things from Italy you can't live without go here

Fresh pastas from Buon Italia

Inside Buon Italia

Would have bought some of the dried porcini but none of the bags indicated the product was from Italy, so a no go 

Great shopping for any kitchen supply you could think of

Also some really good prices, this is not Sur la Table or Williams Sonoma

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