Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cafe Habana + Nolita

I thought this would capture your attention

From my trip to NYC last month I wanted to shop in the Nolita/Soho area.  But who knew that eating there would be just as exciting.  My friend recommended this place to me but I didn't have the chance to go last year, but when again someone suggested to eat at Cafe Habana I thought I must be missing something.  And yes I was....this little eatery the size of a large studio apartment (I'm thinking studio apartment size for Cali standards) was super packed with customers practically eating off the same tables, but was super tasty.  Below is a rundown of what my colleague and I ate.  (As well I have just discovered there is a Cafe Habana in freakin Malibu...who knew?)

Inside of Cafe Habana

We had some kind of passion fruit iced tea to drink...good

We shared this amazing plate of grilled corn on the cob with cheese, butter, lime and chili powder....really good

Cuban sandwich with colleague said good, in fact I think this is one of their signature dishes

Shrimp tacos...good

Cross streets where to find Cafe Habana and the Nolita area is mainly along Elizabeth St.

So after filling our bellies at Cafe Habana we set out to burn our caloric intake with some shopping!  We didn't have any where in mind we just strolled around and checked out stores that caught our attention.  I didn't really buy much except for a bad ass wallet from Blue Bag.  And I didn't take too many pictures of shopping as I felt weird doing so and didn't want to upset anyone.  

This place was cool, the products reminded me of Spanish style...really colorful and unique.  The owner told us he changes products like every month so stuff is always fresh and once something sells out that's it.

I purchased the wallet that had orange gradation on it (not pictured) I thought you could also attach a chain and make it a fun summer purse

Was really a fan of the intricate cutouts done with a laser (I guess) not necessarily the skull pattern... but how does one wash clothing with laser cutouts?

I would say this little bird hit the jackpot

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