Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mauritius Magnific

Now that our jumping off point is the UK, we decided to take advantage of our proximity to island destinations not so easy to reach from North America.  Thus our decision to holiday in Mauritius over the Easter break.  The Republic of Mauritius is an island nation just off the southeast coast of Africa, (east of Madagascar.)  Not at all what I expected, first from the 10 hour plane trip to the extremely diverse culture we found, (ethnicities range from African, Indian, French and Chinese descent.) It all felt oddly familiar from the Creole cuisine to almost Indonesian influences I seemed to feel and see.  An island uninhabited and initially discovered by Arab sailors, rule passed from Dutch to French and later English.  An amazing feeling for me to be so south of the equator and close to Africa. 

Entrance to our resort, located on the very southwest tip of Mauritius

The UNESCO world heritage site of 'Le Morne' can be seen in the background
The beginning of a beautiful sunset 
Tucking into a Bloody Mary cocktail, getting ready for the "show"

I learned every sunset here has a unique character, and plays out like carefully planned coursed meal, with the viewer needing to savour and reflect on each one

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