Saturday, April 27, 2013

Green Curry Trial

Tofu after pressing excess water for about 15 minutes...the longer you press the firmer it becomes

Since being in England, more and more I have been exposed to curries.  This day I decided to try my hand at a Thai green curry.  I am a bit sorry to say that I did not make my curry paste from scratch but rather purchased it.  I do have my reasons for this...firstly these are flavors that are unknown to our household, thus investing in larger quantities of them might not be a good idea.  Second, I wanted to make sure that I actually enjoy cooking and eating the dish (as I am fairly certain it would only be me eating the dish as my Italian husband snubs his nose at almost anything that does not have its origins in Italy - food wise that is.)  So for those of you well versed in curries you may not be so interested, but for others like me who are just dipping your toe in the curry water have a look.

I have a secret to share about cooking rice I learned from an Indian friend of mine, if you soak the rice for about 10 minutes in water before you rinse and begin to cook the rice grains will take less time to cook as the initial soak has already started to penetrate the grains
This was my purchased Thai green curry paste, ingredients listed are: garlic, green chili, onion, lemongrass, salt, black galangal, kaffir lime and spices.  (If you were wondering about black galangal this ingredient is from the ginger family but is much different in taste.)

Here I am pre-frying the tofu before putting into the curry
Coconut milk, a main component in green curry

Cooking the paste in a bit of oil to release the flavors
Afterwards add your main (in this case tofu) and I cut up a yellow bell pepper for texture, normally you would use baby corn
After coconut milk is added 
Finished dish with chili garnish, also use fresh coriander if you have some

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