Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ile Aux Cerfs

The clear but choppy waters on the east coast of Mauritius

Rather then just be absolute lazy tourists and stay on the resort, we decided to venture out and explore more of Mauritius.  On the recommendation of the conceirge we chartered a small speed boat to explore the east coat of the island.  Because the weather was not really cooperating, we decided to keep close to the coast and more specifically the Ile aux Cerfs (or Deer Island.)  Part of the boat tour was to have a picnic lunch on the beach.  But to my delight I was surprised by what kind of picnic was prepared for us.  One of my favorite activities on a holiday ever!

Very fitting that the name of our boat was "Dolce Vita"

A waterfall that our speed boat had to carefully sneak around rocks to get close to
The beach where we had our picnic lunch
Even though the day was overcast we still had wonderful views
Upon arrival we were served Mauritian coffee...

First course of the "picnic" grilled local fish
Second course lobster...I have never had a picnic lunch like this!
For my vegetarian husband, a pilaf, still very tasty

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