Sunday, December 25, 2011

Buon Natale

My mother in law's pepperoni for crostini as seen here

For Christmas this year we are in Italy.  Here Christmas pranzo (lunch) is the big meal.  With antipasto, primo, secondo, etc, etc.  Traditionally in Tuscany crostini and ravioli are served for this special day.  Since this year it was a quiet Christmas at my mother in law's we had a simple, but wonderful meal that did include crostini, pasta and of course dolce!  Buon Natale!

Funghi pate made with fresh porcini,  I have made this before as seen here (but with no fresh porcini!)
Crostini bread
This is a very particular, rustic bread my husband loves I have only ever seen it in Italy
One of my husbands favorite pasta dishes, mussels with penne
One of my favorite pastas my mother in law makes, shrimp + zucchini, will have to post this recipe soon

A traditional Christmas dessert, panforte, I could compare it to a hard fruit cake, but it is so much better then fruitcake
Panforte cut open
Another traditional Christmas cake, Torta di Cecco, which is literally Cake of Francesco, this one is dipped in dark chocolate,  I found this oddly addictive
Torte di Cecco sliced, almonds and dried apricots make up this cake
The ultimate Italian Christmas cake, Pandoro, nothing else like it!
Here is a slice of Pandoro coverd with Marsala liquor, very delicious

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