Monday, October 24, 2011

Pepperoni Perfetto

Roast bell peppers in oven until they look like least 30 minutes

These days I have been watching my mother in law cook.  Albeit in bits and pieces as she generally wakes up early to begin cooking for the day.  For this recipe, she waited to show me from start to finish as it is one of my husband's favorites and he wants me to learn.  This dish is very simple, but very tasty and beautiful.  Great for antipasto with bread or crostini or as a side dish for a meal.  Sometimes for dinner we will eat this with bread, cheese and wine, very simple but satisfying.

My mother in law has lots of clever kitchen solutions, here she is taking the skin and seeds off the roasted peppers on a piece of foil...this way clean up is very easy

After peppers have out skin and seeds removed

A second cleaning removes missed seeds and cuts the peppers down to bite size pieces

Cleaned roasted peppers

Another great tip....freeze fresh cut parsley and remove chunks as needed for dishes

She mixes the parsley and peppers with mostly olive oil...quite a bit, but about 10% of the oil should be corn oil to keep the oil from solidifying

Finito....serve this either cold or at room tastes better the next day!

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