Saturday, October 8, 2011

Festa del Cioccolato

So now that I am almost over my jet lag, it is time to start posting all the wonderful things I am experiencing in Italy.  (Also I will get back to my normal schedule of posts that I had started "Throwback Thursday and "Foodie Friday" soon.)  My husband is from a small sea side town that is still having weather that even southern California could envy now, and while strolling today we saw a chocolate festival!  So of course we had to stop and taste.  

Nocciole (hazelnuts) on slabs of white, dark and milk chocolate

Truffles that resemble a popular cake here called "testa di moro"

Chocolate rice krispy type treats

Hot chocolate machines

Chocolate tools

Salumi di cioccolato (chocolate salmi)

Cremino a type of rich fudge

Chocolate spreads that give Nutella  a run for its money

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