Saturday, January 14, 2012

The High Barn

The High Barn sunrise

So it has been quite a while since I have posted.  Well, that is due not to the lack of inspiration, but rather lack of time and just pure laziness.  But, I do feel in this instance I have some justification as from the first of the year I have officially relocated to a new country and this past week started my new job.  Coming from the past three months of basically being a gypsy living in a combination of the US, England and Italy I had to get my life back on a regular schedule.  So from the beaches of Orange County and suburbs of Los Angeles I am now here in the Midlands of England....big change!  While the landscapes are quite different they are still beautiful non-the-less.  Here a few pictures of the rental home we are living in, "The High Barn." (Houses in England either have a house number or in our case a house name, cute eh?)

Our house name plate
Entrance to the High Barn (we live in a collection of barn conversions, so no not all this is mine to clean!)
Side yard of The High Barn
Some type of berry....have no idea what it is, but you don't eat it....pretty though

Courtyard of converted barns

The High Barn front
Converted garages
Backyard of The High Barn
Our neighbor has three very well fed sheep, who aren't quite as nimble as the farmers sheep behind our yard

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