Monday, January 16, 2012

Pub Grub

So if you are wondering what I have been eating since moving to England, fear not, I will be posting recipes from my new kitchen shortly, but when we go out the selection is not exactly wide, as we are out in the country.  But the selection of English pubs is good and we have tried a few thus far.  This past weekend we went to the area of Charlecote (where the Queen used to have a summer home.)  We had lunch at the Boar's Head pub, good beer and fries (I mean chips) so it was dubbed "good."

A peek a boo view of the Charlecote church
Pub entrance
What you can always find in England....good beer
Fish, chips and peas 
My husband had a sandwich with fried egg (note eggs here in the Midlands are excellent as most people own their own chickens)
Charlecote has a beautiful gated park that is home to herds of deer (as pictured in the distance here)

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