Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chocolate Goodness

Ahhhh....learning the metric kitchen....butter is also sold in grams here

 So I have finally gotten around to cooking things other then my usual stand-bys and thus am taking photos for my blog again....all in my new Anglo-Saxon kitchen!  This dessert is from the Barefoot Contessa and was very rich, like a cross between a brownie and pudding.  Fairly easy and the results taste like you put more effort into it.

I am consistently impressed by the quality, taste and freshness of the eggs in England.
One big reason cooking is starting off slowly...I had to purchase all new pots and pans for my induction is fancy, heats very quickly and easy to clean, but I still prefer good old gas.  Also I miss my old pots....just like old friends I left behind in California....sad.
But I still have these friends with me!  I love reading books on my iPad, but will never give up my real cookbooks for digital ones.
Sift your cocoa powder and flour as your 1/2 pound of butter melts on the stove....I wondered if this should have been a Paula Deen recipe when I saw the butter content.

Beat your four eggs and sugar together....alas another kitchen item I am living without now, my KitchenAid since I need a voltage converter to run it here, or I could purchase a new one for the equivalent of like $600!  Hint to companies that sell products globally....make them dual voltage!
After beating the eggs and sugar for like 7 minutes....mixture needs to be very thick.
Yes these old friends made it to England....this dessert calls for a bit of Chambord if you are wondering what alcohol has to do with this.... 
Chambord is optional, but not to me as well you need seeds scraped from a vanilla bean....but I cheated and just used the extract as I couldn't be bothered to go shopping for this ingredient on a Sunday night.

You must prepare a hot water bath for your prepared dish to bake in
How the mixture had to bake in the oven in its hot water bath
Final result....crispy shell with molten chocolate inside....yum
Don't forget to serve this with vanilla ice cream!

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