Sunday, February 5, 2012

Oxford Introduction

We took a day trip to the neighboring city of Oxford.  But this would be the first of many trips.  It was extremely cold on this day and we took our dog with us, so we didn't see a lot of the city, but I got the flavor.  Oxford is lovely as it still keeps it village like charms, but it is a proper city rather then a tiny village, but it is not so big that it is overwhelming like London.  As the good season slowly but surely approaches I will have more posts from excursions here.  

A bit macabre, but the small cemetery with ornately scripted, obviously old headstones was enchanting

McDonalds here and the ones I saw in France are quite understated as they are required to blend in, note the dark green color as opposed to the bright red normally used on signage

We happened upon a covered farmers market type area....we stopped and had some lunch here

The game here was obviously fresh, I had never seen the birds displayed like this before

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