Thursday, December 22, 2011

Presepe Search

Always before Christmas in Italy people go to see their local Presepe.  (Presepe is basically a nativity scene, but much more detailed then the ones we put up in our homes in the US for Christmas.  The Italians recreate the entire surrounding area around the barn where Christ was born.)  My husband remembers doing this growing up every Christmas.  When I came to Italy for Christmas with my husband in 2009 before we were married we saw a Presepe near the Massa castle.  So this year we went in search of this Presepe presentation again.  Come to find out it is no longer going on, because the small chapel where they would set up the Presepe has been deemed unstable, therefore it would not be possible to show it there.  Now if you saw this chapel you could totally understand why it might be deemed unstable as it is quite old.  I don't know exactly about the chapel the the castle that is very close to it dates to about 800 AD to give you an idea.

View of the chapel that is now unstable
Old sign for the presepe
View from the chapel
I couldn't resist....
As you pass the chapel and continue to walk up the path to the castle here is your view, in the distance that is the sea
From the 2009 Presepe, so you understand how detailed I mean, this scene transformed from day into night with moving people and functioning lights

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