Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cocomero Days

Cocomero (watermelon) is served in slices along the Lungo Mare
July in Marina di Massa, Italy...I have yet to experience such until now.  I have caught a glimpse into my husband's extremely fortunate childhood days.  Those times included waking up, walking to the beach, stopping to purchase a rosetta con la coppa (roll with a kind of salami) then onto get the pink paper (which is the Italian sports paper called Gazzetta dello Sport, which he now despises but that is a a totally different post) and finally onto Bagno Fifi.  (In Italy different bagni line the beach, this is a business that sets up chairs everyday for clients.  Some have bars as well, but most of the beach is "owned" with only a small area that is public.)  Marina is much more lively in the summer with most of Italy's inland residents and tourists flocking to the coastal areas.  A true getaway from the non-existent summer that is the midlands of England.

One cocomero stand that started as a side of the road stop that blossomed into a full blown bar 
The cabina (where you change into your swimsuit) at Bagno Fifi
Every inch is dotted with chairs
This coastline to the Cinque Terre has been dubbed the "Tuscan Riveria"
My sister-in-law has kept the reserved chairs in the family for many years, therefore her chairs are very close to the water, not toward the back
A post about Italy with no food, nonsense!  Here are fresh mussels my mother in law prepared for lunch one day
Basil growing in her terrace garden, she has so much of it that with a breeze you catch a scent of it
After eating one of these cherry tomatoes off the vine, I know what the sun tastes like
Focaccia from Paula's (even in the summer fresh bread abounds)
A sunset at Bagno Fifi, where most beachgoers are home to clean up before going out for dinner around 9

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