Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summertime snack

Summer.....well what I generally grew up knowing as summer, warm days and nights, sunburns, pools, Hawaiian Punch, ice cream....I could go on.  Another food that I typically associate with summer and  backyard bar-b-ques is deviled eggs.  Now this might be a very southern association, but this snack with other foods like sweet tea and fried chicken help make summertime.  Alas living now in England the weather is not really what I am used to, as it rains everyday and if the sun comes out, it comes out in bits and basically I am still wearing jeans and a jacket to go out.  Sad I know....but I have been told this is quite unusual as it is now July....I keep hoping, but even if the weather changes it will never be the same as typical summer weather in the American south.

I know, I  know my eggs were probably too fresh, thus I didn't get the shell to peel away and leave a clean egg

I don't use all my egg yolks, I generally leave at least two of them out
I use only a teaspoon of mustard, but note to self don't use dijon as the flavor is too strong
I have yet to find prepared relish here in England, so I tried to chop up some sweet pickles in place.  Note to self, buy relish when next in the US
Add mayo and if not using store prepared relish add generous salt and pepper
Put your filling into a plastic bag and snip the corner to pipe the filling into the egg whites
For a southern touch garnish with paprika and a slice of pimento stuffed green olive (which I did not have on hand!)

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